We Have a pop-up kitchen available all year round and rotates every 6 months. Our resident chefs are local masters at their craft and are known in the community.

A little about our current pop-up:

Dennis Freeman’s passion for cooking started at an early age with fond memories barbecuing with his grandparents. They taught him the essentials of satay, thanksgiving turkeys, meatloaf and mean ribs. Throughout the years, Dennis has developed the craft of making delicious protein related meals. Two years ago, he founded Liberation Foods, a barbecue catering company serving the Bay Area based out of Oakland. The experience gained from catering will be brought to Mad Oak as a new venture.


Freeman Burger will focus on producing quality burgers, fries, tacos and nachos as well as vegetarian options for customers. Our motto: simple, affordable and delicious. We are incredibly excited to popup at Mad Oak for the second half of 2018. Looking forward to sharing our love of burgers, nachos and tacos with the beautiful people of Oakland!


You can view a sample of Freeman Burger's menu here.

for additional questions they can be reached at