Thank you for visiting Mad Oak!

Here are some frequently asked questions:


What is Mad Oak?

Mad Oak is a neighborhood bar offering 40 beers on draft as well as a full bar offering a wide range of spirits and cocktails. We have a rotating pop-up kitchen offering delicious food for any mood. Our awesome team of bartenders and support staff will try their best to give you the best experience possible. Whether you are in the mood for a craft cocktail made with fresh ingredients or just a shot and a beer, we have you covered!

We have an outside patio and a rooftop deck. For a closer look come on down or take a virtual tour.

We host a Trivia night every Tuesday starting at 7:30pm. Starring Trivia Chuck Butler. It is free to play and you win free drinks!

Oh no!! I seem to have misplaced my ________, and I have no clue where I left it. Did I leave it at Mad Oak?!

Did you have too much fun last night? Maybe forgot to sign out your tab. Removed an important item of clothing and forgot to put it back on?  In a Yelp induced rage simply threw your phone and forgot to pick it up? Things happen, we get it. Come on by during our regular business hours and one of our friendly "lost and found" concierges would love to help you get your life back together, no judgment. To be on the safe side I would stop by earlier in the day. We get really busy on the weekends and evenings, so might not have the time to give you all of that special attention that you deserve.

Do you have TVs? Will you be showing PPV?

Yes!! We have several TVs. It is our goal to provide the best environment for all of our guests. Whether they would like to watch sports or just enjoy a drink with friends. With that goal in mind we do not play audio from the TVs unless it is a special event. Our calendar will specify these type of events (Superbowl, Movie night, Warrior's playoffs, NCIS marathon, etc). We never show PPV,MMA, or boxing.


Do you offer food?

Our Kitchen rotates every 6 months or so. Our new pop-up is Amini’s Fusion.

If you loved our previous pop-up, Freeman Burger, as much as we did they provide great catering and can be reached at

When our pop-up is operating we do not allow outside food to be brought into Mad Oak.

Do you take reservations?

Please visit the "reservations" page… 


Do guests have to be 21?

Yes, all guests must be 21 years or older with a valid Photo ID, no exceptions. Sorry kids!


What type of music do you play?

We play a wide range of music. From rock and hip hop to country and Reggae. There is never one genre of music playing on a given day or time. We do not host DJs unless it is our Halloween or New Years party or one of our other special events.

Does Mad Oak host fundraisers?

Owned and managed by East Bay Born and raised folks, we feel an obligation to give back to the community that has given us so much. During our peak season in the summer we have weekly events called “Good Work Wednesdays”. We offer our rooftop deck to local non-profits and charities to inform and educate about what they do. There are raffles, auctions, and an opportunity to donate. In addition, we donate a portion of bar sales. If you work for an organization that is interested in participating, please send an email to Sorry, we do not host private or promoted fundraisers.




                              For additional questions email us at

                            For info on a recorded message (NOT A VOICEMAIL) 510-843-7416